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Download the IndiePix Submission Form (pdf)


At Indiepix we are dedicated to building a curated collection of the world's finest independent films, and believe that our open submissions program is an essential part of seeking out new and provocative works. Though our library consists mainly of films which have garnered recognition from the independent community through both critical review and independent festival play, we believe that a great film can come from anywhere and encourage submission of all types of film. While our primary interests are documentaries and narratives which defy genre, we have great success promoting films which stretch boundaries and defy convention. As a result, we take pride in maintining an open submission policy and accept films from all countries with no restrictions to length, genre or subject matter.

All films submitted to IndiePix will be screened for discretionary review by our acquisitions department. We do not distribute (1) pornographic or patently offensive films, (2) works that infringe upon other people's copyrights, or (3) films which we do not feel are a proper match for a highly curated collection.

Please e-mail the following items in your submission package:

  1. A completed and signed submission form in PDF format.
         Please ensure that all information, especially contact information, is legibly printed.
  2. One screening link of the film set for at least 2-3 weeks of viewing.
         Each link should include an acess password if required as well as the exhibition format availability of the film.
         All non-English language films must be subtitled in English.
  3. An electronic press kit, if available.
  4. A detailed synopsis of the film.
  5. A brief biography of the filmmakers and a list of credits.
  6. Reviews and festival/distribution history.


We will notify you by email when we receive your submission package. If you do not hear from us and would like to inquire about the status of your film, please send a message with the subject heading "Submission Status" to


For additional /information, please consult the Filmmaker FAQ or contact us here with any inquiries.