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Download FAQ


What is an IndiePix Download?

IndiePix Downloads are the best way to take the indie films you love with you on the go!

If you loved the film, or don't want to wait for your DVD to arrive in the mail, now you can download a digital copy and watch it on your computer or portable media player.

IndiePix Downloads are .mp4 files of many of our award-winning features, shorts and documentaries. They download directly through your web browser of choice and can be immediately watched in any player that supports the .mp4 file type (iTunes/iPhone/iPod, VLC, etc.).

If you are unsure whether your mobile device is capable of playing .mp4s, please check the manufacturer's specifications before purchase.

Some players (such as Windows Media Player) may require that you have a plug-in installed in order to view the film. If this is the case, a plug-in like Quicktime will need to be installed beforehand.

How can I access my download?

You should have received an email containing a link to access your download upon purchase. If you have lost that email, you can access your pending downloads and other account information by going to the My Account section of the IndiePix website:

or by going directly to your Download Queue:

How many times am I allowed to download my film?

Once you begin downloading your film, you have 24 hours to successfully complete your download. You may only download to a single IP address per film. If you begin downloading on your desktop, you must complete your download on that desktop. You will not be able to download to multiple locations.

After your download is complete, you may move your file to another device if you choose but the initial download can only be made to one location.

Why choose IndiePix?

IndiePix IS independent film!

IndiePix is dedicated to making sure that the people who made the film get a fair share of the profits. Unlike larger e-retailers where the artist earns mere pennies or even fractions of a cent for each copy sold, HALF, that's 50%, of all proceeds from IndiePix Downloads, On Demand and Select titles go directly to the filmmakers!

We are committed to supporting the artists who make our work possible and hope you will too! If you loved the film you bought, support the filmmaker by encouraging your friends to do the same. The best way to show your appreciation is to help them pay for their future projects!

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