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2009 Newport Beach Film Festival

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$11.95 | 93 minutes

Rory Culkin (MEAN CREEK) stars in the coming-of-age drama LYMELIFE. Set in 1970s Long Island, the film has a WONDER YEARS feel with its friendly spats between brothers and a major crush on the all-American girl next door. As 15-year-old Scott, Culkin shares the screen with real-life brother Kieran Culkin, whose character, Jimmy, is just&hellip…

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Monsters From The Id

$24.95 | 53 minutes

The 1950's was an idealistic time in American History, filled with hope, opportunity, and wonder. It was also, "The Atomic Age" where new technology promised to both save humanity as well as put it in jeopardy. All of these factors gave birth to one of the most prolific genres in film history, 1950's Science Fiction Cinema&hellip…

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Push Button House

$7.95 | 12 minutes

What is a Push Button? Is it the future? A relic of the past? A little of both? Push Button House investigates the process of creation and creativity of Adam Kalkin, an architectural pioneer whose work strikes a delicate balance between art and architecture. Push Button House is a behind-the-scenes look at the build and installation of&hellip…

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