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2002 Chicago Film Critics Association Awards

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In the Mood for Love

$34.95 | 98 minutes

Best Original Score(Nominee)
Best Foreign Language Film(Nominee)
Best Cinematography(Nominee)

IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE centers around Chow Mo-Wan (Tony Leung) and Su Li-Zhen (Maggie Cheung), neighbors living in a crowded apartment building in 1962 Hong Kong. Both married to people who are always away, they spend many nights&hellip…

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Monster's Ball

$7.95 | 112 minutes

Best Actress(Nominee)

Set in modern Mississippi, MONSTER'S BALL subtly examines the impact of personal loss and the transforming power of human connection. The movie begins in the state penitentiary's death row, where father-and-son prison guards Hank (Billy Bob Thornton) and Sonny Grotowski (Heath Ledger) administer the execution&hellip…

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Go Tigers!

$19.95 | 103 minutes

Best Documentary(Nominee)

In the blue collar Ohio town of Massillon, the most important thing is high school football, and the frenzy around home team the Tigers is, as one resident observes, like "a cult... a religion." Shot on high-definition video, former Massillon resident Kenneth Carlson's documentary follows the three stars&hellip…

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