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Stellan Skarsgard

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$10.95 | 177 minutes

(2003) - Star(s)

Set in the 1930s during the Great Depression in the Rocky Mountains, DOGVILLE is Lars von Trier's comment on Americana and his uniquely perverse view of small town life. With period costumes, a narrative that reads like a naughty OUR TOWN&hellip…

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Light Keeps Me Company

$17.95 | 75 minutes

(2001) - Actor

Sven Nykvist is one of the most respected cinematographers in the history of world cinema. Among his 123 film credits, Nykvist is known primarily as the man who photographed many of Ingmar Bergman's stark Swedish film classics including&hellip…

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Mamma Mia!

$10.95 | 109 minutes

(2008) - Star(s)

After its run as a West End hit in London, MAMMA MIA became a Broadway smash when it opened in New York back in 2001. With a story framed around the music of the Swedish pop band Abba, crowds loved its raucous, dance party vibe. Now it&hellip…

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