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Submission Guidelines

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IndiePix has an open submission policy, and filmmakers from all countries are encouraged to send in their work. There are no genre or format restrictions, and we welcome films of all lengths and subject matters.

All films submitted to IndiePix will be screened for discretionary review. We do not consider films with pornographic or patently offensive content. Nor do we consider films that infringe on third-party copyrights.

Please include the following items in your submission package:
    1. A completed and signed submission form.
    2. One DVD (NTSC Region 1) preview copy of the film. Each disc must be clearly labeled with the title,
    director's name and length of the film. All non-English language films must be subtitled in English.
    3. A detailed synopsis of the film.
    4. A brief biography of the filmmakers and a list of credits.
    5. Reviews and festival/distribution history (if any). If available, a full press kit should be included in
    your submission package.

Mail submissions to:
        Attn: Submissions
        3101 Vernon Blvd
        1st Floor
        Astoria, NY 11106
        United States

Please note that submission materials will not be returned unless a self-addressed, stamped envelope with adequate postage is provided.

We will notify you by email when we receive your submission package. Within 30 days of such notification, we will contact you to discuss which DVD distribution package would best suit your project. If you do not hear from us and would like to inquire about the status of your film, please contact us here with the subject heading "Submission Status"

For additional /information, please contact us.