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IndiePix Box Office

The problem:

Each week a new Hollywood blockbuster opening on "screens across the country." How can the independent filmmaker hope to get their film seen once the festival circuit is over?

The solution:

As always, IndiePix is committed to finding new ways to promote the latest indie films and that applies to arranging screenings too. Instead of trying to compete with the Hollywood Machine, we want to subvert it. we have cultivated a network of relationships with venues across the country to provide an alternative to the standard multi-plex fare. In addition to working closely with independent theaters, we also seek out unconventional spaces that lend themsleves to public screenings. Restaurants, loft spaces, bowling allies, you name it! Since many of the venues we work with have close ties to their community, we also invite local businesses to get involved and help spread the word about our events. In turn, we happily acknowledge their integral role in our success and make sure our audiences know it. That's how it works! We introduce our community to your community!

Since many of these venues tend to be smaller and independently operated, they often have little to no online presence (let alone online ticketing) so we've made one for them! The IndiePix Box Office is your destination for tickets to our screenings, events, parties, all things IndiePix! Here you can find events in your area, buy tickets, or just check out the list of events we have lined up.