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What is IndiePix?
INDIEPIX is a New York based distributor that delivers a highly-curated collection of the best independent films from around the world. Offering a hand-picked catalog of over 3,000 independent film gems arthouse, foreign, shorts and documentary the IndiePix team selects the best titles from the international festival circuit. Avenues for distribution include IndiePix' patented Download-to-Own technology, theatrical, delivery of DVD by mail and traditional retail outlets. The company is committed to supporting the independent film industry through its production arm, IndiePix Studios, and its unique business model that returns the highest share of sales straight to the filmmaker.

How do I get involved with IndiePix?
Review the submission guidelines and send us your film with a completed submission form as well as a press kit, either electronic of physical, if available.

Can anyone submit work to IndiePix?
Yes. Submission is open to all filmmakers from all countries.

Is IndiePix partial to certain types of films?
While nearly two thirds of our collection are documentary films, we are open to and interested in all types of types of film-narrative, experimental, animated features and shorts. We are particularly looking for films which have a clear audience, with the potential to cross over into the larger marketplace.

Will IndiePix distribute any film?
No, we do not distribute (1) pornographic or patently offensive films, (2) works that infringe upon other people's copyrights, or (3) films which we do not feel are a proper match for our collection. We are committed to expanding the audience for independent film by offering the highest quality works primarily from filmmakers who are aware of their audience and whose films have garnered recognition from the independent film community through critical review or the independent festival scene.

How many films get accepted for submission?
Though it is by know means a hard and fast rule, we find that we accept approximately 20% of our submissions.

How many films can I submit?
As many as you like, but please submit a separate submission form per title.

Is there a submission fee?
No, submission to IndiePix is free.

What happens once I submit my film?
First you will receive an email confirming the arrival of your film. Then we will screen your film and review your submission materials. Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, this process may take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. Then we will get back to you with suggestions for next steps and how IndiePix can work with you.

What kind of agreement with IndiePix will I have to sign?
IndiePix handles distribution across all platforms in both exclusive and non-exclusive packages. This includes DVD, digital download, streaming, mobile, VOD, broadcast, educational, institutional and some small theatrical and non-theatrical distribution. Terms of contract may vary depending on what kind of services fit your project best, but all filmmakers will retain the creative rights to their work.

Where will IndiePix sell my film?
IndiePix films are promoted and sold through a diverse strategy which includes our website,, 3rd party partners such as Amazon, Netflix and iTunes, Video On Demand partnerships across all major platforms as well as local, regional and nation retail and rental stores. Please email us for more specific information.

Are there any costs or fees?
This depends on the contract, but there are no initial submission or set-up fees, and any additional costs are recouped from sales. Any marketing or production costs will be fully outlined and capped in your contract.

What else do I get with IndiePix distribution?
Your film will have a title-specific web page with an easy-to-remember URL. The page will feature custom artwork, synopsis and film details, photo gallery, and links. Most films will receive a full design and authoring package for DVD and Download-to-Own as well as the expertise of our marketing and PR teams, who will customize a plan to promote your film. As part of our comprehensive library, your film will be included in search results and image galleries on the IndiePix website and will also be coordinated with the film's official site and social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. You will also have the option of participating in our seasonal Promotional Programs to increase visibility and sales.

How long does it take for my film to be released on DVD?
This depends on the package and details you choose. We can have consignment distribution available in roughly one month, while an online-only package will take approximately 2 months to set up. Full retail can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to ensure quality distribution.

Can I see the finished DVD before it goes on sale?
Of course. You will be given an opportunity to tour all menus and confirm all art and marketing materials prior to the film's distribution.

How long will my DVD be available through IndiePix?
Contracts range in length, but as long as both parties are satisfied with the arrangement, all titles will remain on sale on the IndiePix website.

How do I get paid?
Our general terms are a simple revenue split, heavily weighted in the filmmaker's favor. We do not generally give advances, but feel free to ask us about it! If you have a true winner on your hands, it may be part of the discussion.

When do I get paid?
You will receive a calendar quarterly statement and check within one month after the quarter ends. You will also have instant access to basic sales and accounting statements, updated daily at

What if I want to break the agreement?
Termination rules vary depending on the contract, but all filmmakers will retain creative rights to the film and all renewal is optional.

What's in it for me?
Everything. We are committed to promoting you and your work. Through our relationship with third party digital aggregators such as iTunes, Amazon, Google, Vudu and our cost-effective DVD production, wide retail partnerships and a dynamic Internet presentation, we facilitate connections between filmmakers and their global audience.

This FAQ doesn't answer my question. What should I do?
Sorry about that. Please direct your question to us here for a prompt response.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome. If you have questions or concerns regarding IndiePix and our services, please contact us here.