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IndiePix Box Office Help

What is the IndiePix Box Office?

The IndiePix Box Office is where you can buy tickets to any IndiePix screening, RSVP to an event we're hosting or simply check out all the great events we have lined up for the coming months.

While many of our films have won accolades on the festival circuit, filmmakers often struggle to get their films screened once the festivals are over. Multi-plex franchises are only interested in showing the latest big-budget Hollywood blockbusters, not taking a chance on the independents. IndiePix is working to develop a network of smaller, independent venues and seeking out unusual, unconventional spaces to screen our films. Many of these venues exist because of their loyal local audiences but as independents, they are often disconnected not only from each other, but from the filmmaker community. That's where we come in.

Over the last five years, IndiePix has built strong relations with filmmakers and become a presence on the festival circuit and we find ourselves perfectly positioned to provide a much-needed bridge between up-and-coming filmmakers and independent theaters.

Interested in becoming a partner? Contact Us! Help introduce our community to your community!

How do I use it?

Using the IndiePix Box Office is easy! Find the event you'd like to attend. Upcoming events are arranged on the home page by date and are divided into three sections: This Week, This Month and Upcoming. Click on title of your desired event (listed by location, most recent first), select showtime, enter number of tickets, cc info, done! A receipt with your ticket number will be sent to the email address you provide and the theater will be sent to the theater so that they can hold the correct number of seats for you and your guests.

Buying Tickets

If you know which event you are interested in attending, simply click on the listing for your desired location and date to proceed to that event's page.

On the event page, you can view all available dates for the duration of that event. Simply click on the show time that you wish to attend and you will be taken to the check out page.

Once you reach the checkout page, select the number of tickets you wish to reserve. Please note: if you select an adult or concession ticket (e.g. a senior, child, student, or members' ticket) you will need to bring identification to verify that your guest qualifies for the discount. If guests do not meet the requirement, they may be asked to pay an additional charge, buy a full-priced ticket, or possibly refused entry (venue's discretion).

RSVP for event

To RSVP for an event, go to the event page you would like to attend. Select how many tickets you would like to reserve and click RSVP. You will receive a ticket in your email showing how many people you have registered for the event. Please bring a copy of this with you for verification at the door. And enjoy the event!

Keep Up-To-Date

Whether you have a specific event in mind or just want to see what we're up to, you can visit the IndiePix Box Office any time and check out all of the screenings, parties and events we have coming to a venue near you!

What are Convenience Charges?

$1.00 covers our coordinating with the venue, making sure that your reservation is registered and your name is on the list before you arrive. We suggest bringing a copy of your receipt and ticket number with you to the venue