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written by theaaronlib on Jun 29th, 2010read all my reviews

this review is from: Icons Among Us (DVD)

Icons Among Us is a film that examines how the jazz scene has survived the splintering fractions of sub-genres and low record sales brought on by present times. This film examines what happens when a music genre lives past it's original cohesive values and sound. As the film progresses, we begin to understand what has held jazz together as a style in modern times is it's ability to adapt and to improvise. While other genres feast on certain ideals and are associated with certain political and social movements, for example punk rock, modern day jazz has moved passed such earthly bonds, rather it has only stayed true to its founding principle of improvisation, of change. In the film there is one quote from Terance Blanchard that reverberated in my head throughout the movie, it was: "the only truth is the truth that constantly changes". Time has simplified jazz, as we see the mosaic of different present day artists playing their own type of jazz we see that jazz has simplified into a basic pursuit of truth. It has become an eternal genre, because while other music genres die once their social establishment falls, jazz does not owe its existence to any sort of outside establishment.

In an era where music is dealing with everything but a depiction of truth, this film reminds us of the value of the pursuit of the elusive and ever changing truth. The ideal of music does not include the use of music as a tool for social change, nor does it define music as devotion towards it's own tradition and nor is it a tool for self identification. Rather music at it's best is a way to search for truth, a way to explain the world. So in the end this film does more than just illuminate todays jazz scene, it illuminates what is lacking in the entire modern music scene.

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by guitarmusic
commented on May 20th, 2011
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While it is a name/label, I've alway thoughgt of Jazz as being at least as much of a verb as anything. Sure we study recordings (frozen moments in time) and arrangements, or whatever, and we are informed by them.

Music and jazz are almost synonymous as I see it. 'Muse' (ic) - it's a path of inspiration, music is sonic inspiration. When we 'jazz' up a muse...well, it all speaks for itself if you are clearly absorbing.

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