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starstarstarhalf a starA Dick is Just a Dick

written by Escanes32 on Feb 25th, 2016read all my reviews

this review is from: Dick: The Documentary (ON DEMAND)

A fascinating and long overdue documentary that looks at--literally--and records each participants' personal view of the size of their penises, its impact on their lives from boyhood to becoming men. It's a movie that unmasks a crucial aspect of the cruel conditioning, starting at birth, of what of makes a man a real man. That totally unreal creation of society known as the "masculine image." Also, this film opens a window that let's us see--just by talking about their penises-- how vulnerable men are in actuality, i.e., human. Bravo! Let's have more documentaries, AND movies with frontal nudity, that discuss and/or show the naturalness of the male member. 'Cause when it comes right down to it: a dick is just a dick--period.

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