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written by n.savelli on Jun 28th, 2012read all my reviews

this review is from: Otis Under Sky (DVD)

There are no word to my knowledge which can describe the beauty of passion and for that reason there are really few words I can use which would do justice to this film. Alas, though I shall try to provide .

The Good: Everything. Seriously though from top to bottom the film was pretty magnificent. The directing, film work and editing throughout were wonderful and this added a great deal to the work. The story itself is quirky, touching and hits your right were it counts - the heart. Anis and Roberta play their roles magnificently as if they were placed here to do so. You should definitely get a copy of it to watch and then show your friends!

The Bad: It's not fair to even called it bad, but since I feel like my one request might have been to have had a better idea of the quality of the digital download. The trailer I watched was in HD and didn't appear as though the file I downloaded was in HD.

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Otis Under Sky

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