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written by brad on May 17th, 2011read all my reviews

this review is from: Copyright Criminals (ON DEMAND)

This is the most comprehensive and precise visual record about the ongoing argument over the "borrowing" of audio records. Is there such thing as the "art of sampling"? Is a turntable even an "instrument"? To legal authorities, these questions are unimportant. The re-use of previously recorded sounds is legally consequential though, and this film gives valuable arguments for why this should or should NOT be. As a music fanatic, this film gives further insight into not just the history of sampling but also the legal functions behind this controversial topic. Franzen uses his talents (along with visual and audio mixing by Eclectic Method) to create both a visually and auditorially engaging piece. An important work to be placed in the archive along with Clyde Stubblefield.

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