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starstarstarhalf a starPeople are there, and then they're not

written by alyssa on Jun 15th, 2011read all my reviews

this review is from: Skeletons (ON DEMAND)

Skeletons is the very interesting story of a pair of two strange salesmen, Bennet and Davis who have a somewhat unusual job. They have the ability to look into people’s closets and pull out their deepest darkest secrets. Throughout the movie they use this talent as a job to help people who are questioning anything and everything, while the duo struggle to keep their personal lives separate from their work. When they are hired by a woman Jane to help find her husband who disappeared 8 years ago, they begin to encounter a series of very strange situations that question their abilities, and the emotional strain that comes along with the job.

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Skeletons (DVD) dir by Nick Whitfield

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