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written by sal on May 25th, 2011read all my reviews

this review is from: Entre Nos (ON DEMAND)

Paola Mendoza's extraordinarily beautiful film "Entre Nos" is more than just a story of survival. It is a moving tribute to her mother, who upon arriving in America for the very first time, was abandoned by her husband, and left alone to care for her two young children with no money, no work, and no place to call home.

As the story unfolds, each heartbreaking turn--eviction, sleeping on park benches, collecting cans to pay for food--pushes you closer to the edge. Will this family make it to the other side of such hardship?

The performances of Mendoza, who plays her mother, and her two children played by Laura Montana Cortez and Sebastian Villada Lopez drive this film. Words can say plenty, but it is the passion and chemistry of these three remarkable actors that make "Entre Nos" so triumphant.

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Entre Nos

Entre Nos (ON DEMAND) dir by Paola Mendoza, Gloria LaMorte

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