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written by dmt5 on Jun 22nd, 2010read all my reviews

this review is from: Estilo Hip Hop (DVD)

The Latin American hip-hop scene is one that is not often explored in any medium, let alone film. The exposure that hip-hop does get in mainstream film is normally limited to the usual suspects, like 2Pac or Biggie or Eminem. So the fact that Estilo Hip Hop actually goes into a good deal of depth about such a unique facet of the genre is refreshing, as is the overall scope of the film itself. The 57 minute documentary includes a good deal of info for those who may be unfamiliar with hip-hop's cultural role as a tool for political and social activism, which is a facet of the genre that seems to have been all but forgotten in recent years. The three subjects that are covered here - Eli Efi of Brazil, Guerrillero Okulto of Chile and Magia of Cuba - are all interesting in their own way, as each one tries to reclaim hip-hop in the name of their people.

The film seems somewhat brief - admittedly, it did debut as a special on PBS, but an additional 10-15 minutes would almost certainly have been to Estilo's benefit and allowed the filmmakers to explore the topic in a bit more depth. Estilo Hip hop is recommended for those who would like at the hip-hop genre through a different cultural lens, or even for those who simply want to see that the genre can represent something more than mindless materialism.

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