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written by alessandro on Jun 7th, 2011read all my reviews

this review is from: Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry (ON DEMAND)

Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins comes from the true school of tattoo artists of the 50's, credited by most to modestly bring the art to the forefront of Americana. This doc could not have done a better job of retelling the beginning, the uprising, and the current state of tattoo artistry. This included great historical context as well, dating back to the Japanese's initial contribution to the art. The doc also included informative and entertaining interviews from some of Sailor Jerry's lifelong peers and admirers. (The only missing interviewed subject was Hori Smoku himself). I highly recommend this documentary of one of America's now prevalent subcultures. A fascinating, must-see film!

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Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry

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