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written by mattchin on Sep 29th, 2010read all my reviews

this review is from: Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry (DVD)

Sailor Jerry was a pioneer of the tattoo industry, beginning from his service in the Navy, until his death over forty years later. Infusing Japanese tattoo art into his American designs, he revolutionized how the world saw tattoos, and made a mark on the industry as indelible as his work. Hori Smoku presents a look at Jerry's legacy through his peers and colleagues that knew him best.

The film is a look at the obscure world of tattoos, chronicling Jerry's initiation into the industry, and his decades-long impact and innovations that put him at the top of the pyramid. Colleagues and friends, each highly respected tattooists themselves, recount Jerry's history and his no-apologies approach to a small, closed community of body artists. Hori Smoku is a look not at tattooing as an art craft, but on Jerry's work and how it changed the course of the art forever. The film plays well to those unfamiliar with Jerry and his colleagues' work; a knowledge of tattoo history and lore is not a prerequisite. It is the story of an utterly fascinating man that can be enjoyed by anyone willing to peer into the seedy underworld of tattoos.

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