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written by dmt5 on Jun 23rd, 2010read all my reviews

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Who is KK Downey? It is an appropriate question to ask on multiple levels. Not only can it be applied to the character in the film, but it can also be leveled at the film itself. KK Downey is a bizarre amalgamation of ideas and comedic tropes, seemingly thrown together at will. It's a vulgar and at times schizophrenic film than can never seem to decide how absurd it wants to be. One minute we have ruminations on the nature of marketability in the mainstream media, and the next we have car chase scenes involving male prostitutes. Characters who seem surprisingly human at the start of the film will become complete cartoons by the end.

In spite of this seemingly fractured narrative, KK Downey proves to be entertaining. The overall style of the writing can best be compared to fellow Canadian comedy troupe Kids in the Hall, only with more references to the aesthetic values of dejected 20-somethings. Like all good satires the film plays itself almost completely straight-faced; only towards the end do the proceedings veer into all-out camp territory.

In spite of the absurdist nature of the film the script veers into cliched territory at parts, particularly in terms of the romance subplot, and many of the characters prove to be unlikeable at the beginning of the film. There's nothing wrong with vulgarity, but there needs to be a punchline to go with it.

In short, KK Downey the film proves to be just as bizarre and scattershot as the titular character for which the film is named. Although the film isn't perfect by any means, it is an enjoyable and unique look at the price of stardom.

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