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Stage Beauty

DIRECTED BY - Richard Eyre

Billy Crudup and Claire Danes give extraordinary performances in Richard Eyre's STAGE BEAUTY, set in Restoration England in the 1660s. After Oliver Cromwell's 18-year ban on stage productions, King Charles II took the throne and encouraged the return of the theater; however, women were not permitted to act, so men had to play the female roles. In STAGE BEAUTY, Crudup stars as Ned Kynaston, the biggest star of the day, wowing audiences as Desdemona in Shakespeare's OTHELLO. The gorgeous actor's dresser, Maria (whose full name is Margaret Hughes), is not only deeply devoted to Kynaston, she is also in love with him and the theater, so much so that after his performance, she runs to the nearby Cockpit Tavern to play Desdemona herself, even though it is against the law. All the while, diarist Samuel Pepys (Hugh Bonneville) scribbles notes on all that is going on around him, detailing the transition from the last great male actor playing female roles to the first great female actress to take the stage in England.



GENRES - comedy, drama

Film Info

RUNTIME - 109 minutes


YEAR - 2004

FORMAT - DVD Region 1

COUNTRY - United States, United Kingdom, Germany

LANGUAGE - English

SUBTITLES - English, Spanish

ATTRIBUTES - Widescreen, Color, Anamorphic


Richard Eyre


Robert De Niro


Jane Rosenthal


Hardy Justice


Jeffrey Hatcher


Claire Danes


Ben Chaplin


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