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DIRECTED BY - Steve James

STEVIE is non-fiction filmmaking at its bravest and most merciless. In its excruciating authenticity, STEVIE provides insight into the complexities of the human condition, and raises the question of personal responsibility to an almost unbearable degree. After directing a series of fictional films based on real events, filmmaker Steve James (HOOP DREAMS) decided to return to his documentary roots and shoot a short film portrait of a figure from his past. While in college, James was employed for a short period as a Big Brother to little Stevie Fielding. Wondering what became of Stevie, James returns to Pomona, Illinois, ten years later, to reconnect with his little brother. What he meets is a deeply troubled man in his mid-twenties, whose horrendous upbringing and reckless behavior have him on a collision course for tragedy. Two years later, Stevie is arrested for child molestation, making James feel even more guilty for having abandoned Stevie so many years ago. James obviously had no idea what he was in for when he embarked on this seemingly innocent project, which grew from an innocent snapshot into a deeply profound photo album. Life is harsh, and brutal, and unfair for many people. STEVIE doesn't provide any answers, but its mere existence is enough to provide a glimmer of hope.

Film Info

RUNTIME - 145 minutes

RATING - Not Rated

YEAR - 2003

FORMAT - DVD Region 1

COUNTRY - United States

LANGUAGE - English

SUBTITLES - English, Spanish

ATTRIBUTES - Widescreen


Steve James


Adam D. Singer


Steve James


Gordon Quinn


Steve James


Dirk Powell

Director of Photography

Peter Gilbert


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