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How Arnold Won the West

DIRECTED BY - Alex Cooke

The race for governance of California in 2003 was a milestone in American history, exhibiting a strain of unconventional measures and wacky antics not normally seen in electoral politics. Gray Davis was only a year into his second term when a lobby emerged, spearheaded and funded by Republican Congressman Darrell Issa, to recall his election. The unpopular governor was ousted, and the ensuing race consisted of 135 candidates, many of them very unlikely. These included Austrian-born bodybuilder and action film star Arnold Schwarzeneger. British documentary fillmmaker Alex Cooke was present and filming the entire process, from the moment Arnold announced his intention to run on THE TONIGHT SHOW to his acceptance speech. The resulting documentary presents an insightful and entertaining examination of the process by which the Governator assumed office. During this time, Cooke attended countless staged media events for the campaign, but never managed an audience with the candidate. The journey is peppered with eccentric characters, including Gary Coleman and porn star Marey Carey, both of whom starred in the reality TV show WHO WANTS TO BE GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA? Also turning in appearances are PENTHOUSE magnate Larry Flynt, and former US President Bill Clinton.

GENRES - documentary