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Counter Clockwise
(Unlimited Exclusive)

By inventively merging mind-bending science fiction with dark comedy, COUNTER CLOCKWISE delivers a hugely entertaining thriller about a befuddled time travelling scientist caught up in a murder mystery. Bearded scientist Ethan Walker is obsessively working on inventing a tele-transportation device. Instead he stumbles into inventing a time machine and recklessly zaps himself six months into the future. Ethen finds that the future has taken a sinister tone as men are out to kill him and the police are looking for him for the murder of his sister and wife. He now needs to try to return to the point right before everything went wrong and solve the mysteries. Easier said than done. An inventive, head-scratching, fast-paced American Indie time-travelling gem.

Counter Clockwise

Film Info

RUNTIME - 91 minutes

YEAR - 2016

FORMAT - DVD Region All

COUNTRY - United States

LANGUAGE - English

ATTRIBUTES - Color, Stereo

Michael Kopelow Ethan
Frank Simms Roman
Kerry Knuppe Fiona
Alice Rietveld Ceil
Bruno Amato Hank


Walter Moise


George Moise

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