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Moving Stories (Socially Relevant Film Festival Collection)

DIRECTED BY - Nora Armani

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NELA has just bought an apartment where she will move with her husband. She needs to call HELGA, the seller whom she has not met, in order to arrange a meeting with the painters and get a head start while Helga stays a few days longer in the apartment. The two women, initially hesitant, communicate through a simple phone conversation where the logistics of time and day are discussed. However the conversation goes beyond that when each one starts to tell the other about her life and intimate thoughts, We are not sure though if the conversation actually happens between the two on the phone or is it their internal imaginary dialog that we are hearing, until the brief meeting between them.


Film Info

RUNTIME - 18 minutes

RATING - Not Rated

YEAR - 2012

COUNTRY - United States

LANGUAGE - English

ATTRIBUTES - Widescreen, Color, Surround Sound

Nora Armani Nela
Laurie Folkes Nelson
Sheilagh Weymouth Helga
Ared Spendjian Voice Husband on Phone
Alex Buckley Voice Lawyer


Nora Armani


Nora Armani


Nora Armani

Director of Photography

Matthew Hefferin


Harry Glennon


Nora Armani

Sound Editor

Michael Moote

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