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The Company Men

DIRECTED BY - John Wells

A high-powered sales executive struggles with his own dwindling sense of self-worth after becoming a victim to corporate downsizing. Bobby Walker (Ben Affleck) has a big house, a new Porsche, a beautiful wife, and two adoring kids. When he's not in the office, he can usually be found on the golf course, perfecting his game or clinching an important business deal. But when the axe falls, Bobby and his colleagues Phil (Chris Cooper) and Gene (Tommy Lee Jones) find their necks on the chopping block, and their futures looking bleak. In order to stay afloat, Bobby reluctantly goes to work as a carpenter for his brother-in-law (Kevin Costner). But building houses is a far cry from the boardroom, and just as Bobby starts to wonder if he'll ever taste success again, he realizes that true prosperity doesn't come in the form of a paycheck, but through the satisfaction of knowing that his family will always be there to support him. Maria Bello, Craig T. Nelson, and Rosemarie DeWitt co-star in a drama from writer/director John Wells (ER).

Film Info

RUNTIME - 105 minutes

RATING - Not Rated

YEAR - 2010

FORMAT - DVD Region 1

ATTRIBUTES - Widescreen


DVD Features:

Region 1

Note: Alternate Ending

Audio Commentary With Writer And Director John Wells

Making The Company Men



John Wells


John Wells


Ben Affleck


Chris Cooper


Kevin Costner


Tommy Lee Jones


Craig T. Nelson


Eamonn Walker



"The dialogue pings, and often stings. Yet THE COMPANY MEN invites our compassion toward the men who glided along on a house-of-cards economy until it fell on them, too." -- Grade: A

- Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

"The movie powerfully revisits a theme touched on last year in the bitter comic drama UP IN THE AIR....Mr. Cooper gives a great, tragic performance..."

- Stephen Holden, New York Times



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