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Nicolas Engel Compilation

Un Premier Amour

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Un Premier Amour (A First Love) is a intriguing cyclical tale told by visionary director Nicolas Engel. As Frederic boards another non-descript train he suddenly encounters the woman of his dreams. But upon approaching her, he discovers that he has done all this before. Is this the same woman he once knew? Were they all the same? Frederic's seemingly perpetual search for his "first love" is captured from every angle and set to a hypnotic chorus as Engel transcends traditional storytelling to render a film which is both fantasy and memory.



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starstarstarhalf a starGreat movie

written by rj on Jun 24th, 2011read all my reviews

this review is from: Nicolas Engel Compilation (ON DEMAND) La Copie de Coralie

I really enjoyed this movie. It is very romantic.

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