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FirstGlance Film Festivals


DIRECTED BY - Tai Fauci, Slobdan Gajic, Luke Stettner, Shaun O'Banion, Sai Varadan, Rebecca Rose, Eddie Mensore, James Oxford, Laura Storm, Powell Weaver

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Modern city, present day. A down at heel city manager Jack and his successful lawyer wife Alice were once a happy couple before she became friends with advertising executive Simon. Jacks life is falling apart. Fate has not been kind to Jack and now the chance discovery of a lost roll of film on their anniversary is the final straw. Jack abandons the office waiting like a condemned man for the film to be developed. Alice is trying hard to build a new life. She is hoping that Simon will help her move on but her eyes are haunted and she feels watched. Jack is not prepared for the images on the film and is violently wrenched into the past. Jack tries to phone Alice but she rejects him. Simon surprises Alice with flowers and she is momentarily happy but fate is now entwining Jack and Alice and she feels uneasy. Alice's unease becomes fear when she sees Jack across a busy street drinking heavily. She decides to leave but watched by Jack he follows and confronts her. Alice tries to escape but Jack shames her into going with him to a tranquil park. Alice accepts the photos from the past. There is now no turning back and they must face the tragedy that binds them. The photos finally reveal the terrible circumstances of their relationship. Jack and Alice are momentarily reconciled.

GENRES - comedy, drama, short films

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Film Info

RUNTIME - 15 minutes

RATING - Not Rated

YEAR - 2005

FORMAT - DVD Region 1

COUNTRY - United States

LANGUAGE - English

ATTRIBUTES - Color, Black & White

Barb Beaser On The Couch
Bruce Davison On The Couch
Joanna Canton On The Couch
Fisher Stevens On The Couch
Gedde Watanabe On The Couch
Francesca Fauci On The Couch
Bret Reilly On The Couch
Kelly Cohen Lift


Tai Fauci


Laura Storm


James Oxford


Eddie Mensore


Rebecca Rose


Sai Varadan


Shaun O'Banion


Luke Stettner


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