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Chasing the Devil: Inside the Ex-Gay Movement

DIRECTED BY - Bill Hussung, Mishara Canino

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Chasing The Devil: Inside The Ex-Gay Movement, is a documentary film presenting an unflinching look at the personal journeys of four people who claim to have changed their sexual orientation from gay to straight. Their stories mark the first time documentary filmmakers have been allowed inside the ex-gay movement, and provide an empathetic and at times devastating portrait of those who claim homosexuality is an illness that can be healed.



GENRES - documentary, glbt

Film Info

RUNTIME - 102 minutes

RATING - Not Rated

YEAR - 2008

FORMAT - DVD Region All

COUNTRY - United States

LANGUAGE - English


Bill Hussung


Mishara Canino



More than four years ago we set out to document the journeys of people belonging to the most politically incorrect subculture in America. The result is CHASING THE DEVIL: INSIDE THE EX-GAY MOVEMENT. Spending time with those who claim to have changed their sexual orientation from gay to straight can be a bit of a paradigm rattling experience. We accept that identity is largely self-defined and acknowledge that sexuality can be fluid. Mick Jagger switches back and forth between men and women for much of the 1970s and defines jet setting chic. Self-defined identity and fluid sexuality are both left of center beliefs long associated with urban elites and secular progressives. Folks like most of those in the documentary film business.

But there's a disconnect when this paradigm butts up agains the ex-gay movement. If we really believe identity is self-defined and sexuality fluid, then there's nothing surprising, or offensive, about the x-gay ministries and reparative therapists claiming to 'heal' homosexuals of their unwanted desires. But we are surprised. And often offended. The central underpinning of gay identity is the belief that people are born gay and can't change. The ex-gays challenge this belief. Their claims of having changed from gay to straight challenge our understanding of identity and tolerance. But are they living a lie?

We made this film to answer that question.



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