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Tiny Shoes

DIRECTED BY - Signe Baumane

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A modern Freudian fairy tale about a girl, her father, a prince, and a dragon.

A Note From The Filmmaker:

I had a tumultuous if not disastrous first marriage to a Russian. The relationship covered quite a bit of ground - from Moscow to Riga, from Novorossiysk to Kaliningrad to Tallinn etc. At one point, in a fit of exasperated intuition (that is the state when some women discover they can put an evil eye on someone and poison babies from a far distance), I sat down and wrote a fairy tale. Not exactly about our marriage, but YES, about a marriage to a dragon. And the supposed princess is no lady, she's able to spit fire and poke holes in living folks. Just like me. Years later I submitted the tale to a film grant committee in Latvia who approved it. When the film was ready, it went to Zagreb International Animated Film festival, and I witnessed the Croatians falling out of chairs laughing while watching Tiny Shoes. The same happened at the Minsk International Women Film Festival (where the film received Grand Prix). Then I went to Sweden. The audiences were dead silent. After the screening I wanted to find out why such a cold reception. A woman proudly explained to me that they don't have those kinds of husbands in Sweden. Well, that was a lesson on a cultural gap right there! Very soon though, I was able to check out what Swedish husbands are like. I learned one or two things, yes. I still don't understand the speed of a husband turning into an ex. Do you think it has something to do with a lady spitting a fire and poking holes in living folks?


Film Info

RUNTIME - 10 minutes

RATING - Not Rated

YEAR - 1993

FORMAT - DVD Region 1

COUNTRY - United States

LANGUAGE - English



This collection of 10 animated films ranges from an entertaining whore to a monk searching for Meaning of Life. In between those two extremes you'll find enthusiastic dentists, talking animals and flowers, dragons hurt by innocent girls and vacuum cleaners willing to protect housewives.


Signe Baumane


Signe Baumane

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starstarstarhalf a starIf you thought YOU had a bad day ...

written by bobalexander007 on Jun 28th, 2011read all my reviews

this review is from: Ten Animated Films (ON DEMAND) The Witch and the Cow

Just check out this witch. I felt better -- immeasurably better -- and 2:01 (ha ha) ... that is, after I saw her story.

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