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A River Runs Through It

DIRECTED BY - Robert Redford

An adaptation of Norman Maclean's much-loved autobiographical novella about fly-fishing and familial relations, A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT is set in the pristine Montana wilderness of the early 20th century. The story traces the relationship between two brothers growing up in an emotionally constricted household headed by a Presbyterian minister. The scholarly Norman (Craig Sheffer) follows in the footsteps of his stern, stoic father, going to college, marrying, and settling down. His brother, Paul (Brad Pitt)--daring, handsome, and athletic--chooses the more glamorous career of newspaper journalist. These two very different brothers are brought together through the years by a mutual love of fly-fishing instilled in them by their unyielding father. As Norman watches his brother's seemingly charmed life dissolve under the influences of gambling and alcohol, the art of fly-fishing becomes a poignant metaphor for the love their father was unable to express in any other way. Robert Redford (ORDINARY PEOPLE, THE HORSE WHISPERER) directs a first-rate cast including Tom Skerritt, Brenda Blethyn, and Emily Lloyd in this subtle yet poignant portrait of a family in the early 1900s.

Film Info

RUNTIME - 124 minutes

RATING - Not Rated

YEAR - 1992

FORMAT - DVD Region 1

LANGUAGE - English

ATTRIBUTES - Widescreen, Anamorphic


DVD Features:

Region 1

Keep Case

Anamorphic Widescreen - 1.85




Robert Redford


Tom Skerritt


Brad Pitt


Brenda Blethyn


Emily Lloyd


Craig Sheffer

Director of Photography

Phillippe Rousselot


"...A mesmerizing family memoir fueled by sense of place, force of memory and love of nature....[Pitt] makes himself so like the young Robert Redford that the effect is astonishing..."

- Janet Maslin, New York Times

"...It's the best movie ever whose raison d'etre is the spiritual glorification of fly-fishing..."

- Mike Clark, USA Today



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