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Exhibit A

DIRECTED BY - Dom Rotheroe

Receiving a video camera for her birthday, Judith (Brittany Ashworth) is excited to document her normal teenage life: her crush on the girl next door, her annoying brother and the installation of a swimming pool in their backyard. When her father Andy (Bradley Cole) gets a brand new promotion, the family puts in a bid on their dream house. However, through her camera, Judith soon discovers her father is living a lie: the family is essentially bankrupt. As secrets are revealed and the family disintegrates under financial pressure, Andy is eventually driven to the unimaginable. Simmering with the tension of the best Hitchcock thrillers, EXHIBIT A will "trap you in a situation of unimaginable hideousness that resonates long after the end titles." (24 FPS)


Film Info

RUNTIME - 86 minutes

RATING - Not Rated

YEAR - 2007

FORMAT - DVD Region 1

COUNTRY - United Kingdom

LANGUAGE - English


Bradley Cole Andy King
Angela Forrest Sheila King
Brittany Ashworth Judith King
Oliver Lee Joe King


Dom Rotheroe


Darren Bender


Darren Bender


Dom Rotheroe


David Charap


Rob Hardy


Carole Crane

Executive Producer

Mark Herbert



"Pantwettingly scary"

- Empire

"Brilliantly Bleak and British"

- The Times

"A masterpiece of gradually escalating horror"



Customer Reviews


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starstarstarhalf a starRiveting Until The Last Shot!

written by nyhooch on Oct 25th, 2010read all my reviews

this review is from: Exhibit A (DVD)

Exhibit A is the horrifying story of a seemingly normal British family told through the lens of daughter Judith's new camera. Filmed entirely on the handheld camera by the actors themselves, the film begins innocently, introducing the King family and their current situation of financial hardship. Judith is a shy but perceptive teenage girl who reveals her secret crush only to her camera. Joe is a typical brother, rambunctious, always teasing his sister and flirting with the girl next door. Mrs. King is a pragmatic, caring but easily distressed mother, while her husband Andy comes off as carefree and jolly. That is until their dreams of a new house come crashing down and violent secrets begin to unravel.

As Andy's mind turns to rage, secrecy and insanity, Judith starts focusing on him as the subject of her filming. Confused, scared and naive, she believes that documenting his radical downward spiral will convince her father to change his ways. The family grows increasingly worried and fed up with Andy and his sometimes careless and often conniving behavior. When he discovers his daughter's intervention camera project, Andy's psychosis escalates to new heights, ultimately leading to the film's terrifying climax.

This film is chilling from the very beginning, even for someone who doesn't know what to expect from it. Somehow, something is not right about the dynamics of the King family, and as we watch their disintegration there is an expectation that something awful is going to happen eventually. The chilling finale will leave you with an uneasy feeling and a whole lot to think about in regards to how far you would go for your family.

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starstarstarhalf a starGenuinely disturbing

written by richardjwood on Jun 11th, 2010read all my reviews

this review is from: Exhibit A (DVD)

This is a REALLY scary film. Not because it's full of monsters or spooky goings-on, but instead it's the dread feeling of watching a man's personality disintegrate under stress, with ghastly results. Andy King is a normal, loving dad of two normal teenagers and a normal, nice wife. It's all very... normal. But when his daughter Judith acquires a video camera, she starts obsessively filming her family - especially her dad as the pressures of family and work life begin to affect his behaviour. To tell you more would spoil things!

It's a short film - less than an hour and a half. It's all shot in an intentionally "amateur" way (think "Blair Witch") and the wobbly shots can sometimes be a little tiresome. But at such a length, the story seldom drags. If, during the first half-hour, you're wondering, "where the hell is this going?" then just stick with it a little longer and the clues appear, and you'll be hooked.

The last twenty minutes or so are truly horrifying. Not gory or anything, just genuinely disturbing and even quite hard to watch.

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