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Collegestock Film Festival Selections


What is IndiePix On-Demand?

A short horror/thriller about two college students who find themselves in a world of terror when entering a haunted orchard.

Aaron Freeder made his directorial debut in the fifth grade with the original production "Vacation to Planet Earth." His tastes have evolved a bit since then, though his room still resembles an alien wasteland. He likes biking the hills of Central New York, impersonating police officers on occasion and consuming the works of Paul Thomas Anderson. He currently attends Syracuse University.

Edgewood 1
Edgewood 2
Haiti 3
directions 1
directions 2
directions 3
brainstorm 2
Orch 1
Orch 3
Orch 4
Orch 5
Edgewood 3
Haiti 2
brainstorm 1
Orch 2