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Collegestock Film Festival Selections


What is IndiePix On-Demand?

We have all asked for Directions at some point in our lives. This short film examines the anguish and confusion that asking a stranger for directions can bring.

Andrew James Dubats is a college student with an endless imagination and a passion for filmmaking. He is currently a camera operator and editor on various projects. He also works as talent in online videos for Michigan radio stations 89X and 101 WRIF, and on occasion as extra in TV commercials. He has very little money right now thus all his independent projects were filmed using a Kodak Easyshare digital camera. He hopes to one day become a cinematographer.

Edgewood 1
Edgewood 2
Haiti 3
directions 1
directions 2
directions 3
brainstorm 2
Orch 1
Orch 3
Orch 4
Orch 5
Edgewood 3
Haiti 2
brainstorm 1
Orch 2