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Collegestock Film Festival Selections

On February 20, 2010, The Yard Radio Show presented the Collegestock Film Festival. College is always noted at a hallmark in people's lives. The Collegestock Film Festival highlights selected works of five filmmakers from colleges and universities around the United States. In this collection you will find the imagination, social concerns, and anecdotes of everyday life that these college filmmakers have experienced. Think of this as a glimpse into the first decade of twenty-first century college life. We hope to continue offering this perspective in a way only college students can present. Enjoy.


Edgewood 1
Edgewood 2
Haiti 3
directions 1
directions 2
directions 3
brainstorm 2
Orch 1
Orch 3
Orch 4
Orch 5
Edgewood 3
Haiti 2
brainstorm 1
Orch 2