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DIRECTED BY - Chris Eyre

SKINS, based on the novel by Adrian C. Louis, is the impressive second feature of Native American director Chris Eyre (SMOKE SIGNALS). Filmed on location at the Pine Ridge Oglala Lakota reservation in South Dakota, SKINS tells the story of Rudy (Eric Schweig), a policeman, and his older brother Mogie (Graham Greene of THE GREEN MILE), a jobless alcoholic. Mogie had once looked after his kid brother, but his experiences in Vietnam left him a bitter and broken man. Rudy frequently gives money to his mischievous older brother, which Mogie spends on beer. Frustrated with rampant alcoholism and crime on the "rez," Rudy becomes a vigilante. While Rudy thinks he's doing the right thing for his people, his extralegal activities lead to tragedy. SKINS is a powerful drama laced with acerbic humor. The film captures the harsh realities of Pine Ridge life with affection and wit, and breaks down negative stereotypes about Native Americans by portraying Mogie as a complex and ultimately very sympathetic human being. Eyre manages to make important points about contemporary Native American life without heavy handedness. His cast is very strong, particularly Greene, who delivers a phenomenal performance in this exceptionally moving and humane film.



GENRES - drama