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Over Da Rainbow

DIRECTED BY - Jared Lapidus


Homophobic rap superstar Terrier (pronounced "teh-ree-AY") is tearing up the charts with the smash hit single "Kill Faggots" off his triple-platinum album hoMOFObic. Despite protests from groups like Homosexuals Organizing a Meaningfully Outed Society (H.O.M.O.S.), homophobia is America's hottest trend.

Now Terrier plans to reach an even wider audience by releasing a follow-up single feature a sample from the deceased king of 80's hair metal -- Max Lightning's "Teri Why". But the rights to Max's song belong to his widow, the eccentric homophobe Theresa, who will only sign with Terrier on one condition: if he reunites her with her estranged son -- none other than gay rights activist Christopher Dalrymple, the leader of H.O.M.O.S.



Film Info

RUNTIME - 20 minutes

RATING - Not Rated

YEAR - 2008

FORMAT - DVD Region All

COUNTRY - United States

LANGUAGE - English

ATTRIBUTES - Widescreen, Color, Stereo, Director's Cut

Al Thompson Terrier
Joseph P. McDonnell Theresa, Max
Tyler Hollinger Christopher


Jared Lapidus


Shawn Kittelsen


Jared Lapidus


Jared Lapidus


Shawn Kittelsen


Director's statement:

Few areas of mainstream media so brazenly air homophobic tendencies as rap music. This hip-hop homophobia is supported by millions of fans of all ethnicities. While a few musicians have raised their voices against the homophobic tide, there is still a long way to go on the road to tolerance toward homosexuals.

OVER DA RAINBOW is a satirical short film conceived to provoke this discussion. Though the film cannot solve the problems it lampoons, our hope is to illuminate these issues through a dialogue sparked by audience reaction -- and have a laugh at the expense of those who still don't get the joke.

-Jared Lapidus

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