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Damien Slevin Animated Shorts


Damien Slevin is a designer, illustrator and filmmaker/animator working in Australia by way of Toronto, Canada. Contained in this collection are three of his award-winning works, produced between 2002 and 2008. GLITCH brings us to a distant and bleak future, where a disgruntled observer weighs the price of attaining a sense of self in a world where technology reigns supreme. WANKER takes place in a much different world. From the art galleries to the poetry reading bars, when the pretentious champagne set try to 'outwank' each other, chaos eventually ensues. In this dark comedy, the turtlenecks have the last laught. A BREAK IN THE MONOTONY, winner of the Best Horror Short at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival, Slevin introduces us to an even darker animation - part zombie movie, part allegory for corporate living in contemporary society.