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Drunken Angel (Yoidore Tenshi)

DIRECTED BY - Akira Kurosawa

In this classic film noir, set in postwar Japan, Toshirô Mifune plays Matsunaga, a tough small-time gangster who takes a bullet during a fight in the slums of Tokyo. He makes his way to the office of Sanada (Takashi Shimura), a disillusioned yet passionate doctor, who treats the wound and, in the process, discovers Matsunaga has an even bigger ailment--tuberculosis. As Sanada hounds Matsunaga into dealing with his disease, the alcoholic physician and the arrogant thug form an uneasy friendship. Meanwhile, Matsunaga's mobster boss, Okada (Reisaburo Yamamoto), is released from prison with aspirations of rejuvenating his rough-and-tumble crew. Once Matsunaga is discovered ill, he's excluded from the gang, leaving him shunned by his peers with a seriously bruised ego. In an act of vengeance, he confronts Okada, leading to a violent standoff that only one man will survive.



GENRES - classics

Film Info

RUNTIME - 98 minutes

RATING - Not Rated

YEAR - 1948


LANGUAGE - Japanese

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