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National Film Board of Canada - Being Different

DIRECTED BY - Julia Murphy


BEING DIFFERENT, the Canadien National Film Board Classic, recently revived at the HotDocs Film Festival, is available from IndiePix!

Being Different is a powerful image of passion and conformity whose message and impact carry far beyond it's brief story. Emerging from a small network of Canadien, women filmakers in the 1950's, it is referred to as a "trigger film", a short, open-ended docudrama designed to spark discussion. This short, poignant slice of life studies the masculine, adolescent world through the eyes of 13 year old George, a clever boy and an avid butteerfly collector. He loves his hobby and the friends he has made through it, but when his jock, paper boy peers fiercely taunt him for his pursuits, he feels the mounting peer pressure to abandon his passion in order to belong. Forced to choose between hockey and butterflies, George embodies the universal struggle we all face to define ourselves.



Film Info

RUNTIME - 9 minutes

RATING - Not Rated

YEAR - 1957

COUNTRY - Canada

LANGUAGE - English

ATTRIBUTES - Black & White


Julia Murphy


Nicholas Balla


Gudrun Parker


Victor Jobin


John Spotton


Frank Orban


"Sensitive, expressive, creative, tender, and nonconformist...the best Board film ever made on masculinity."


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