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National Film Board of Canada - Running Scared

DIRECTED BY - Robert Fortier


This powerful drama portrays the destructive effect of a man's jealousy on those close to him. Paul's irrational behavior caused the break-up of his marriage and now threatens his relationship with Cathy, his current girlfriend. He finds it increasingly difficult to hide his fear of losing her just as he lost his wife. His suspicions about Cathy's every move drive him into a frenzy. When Paul returns home early from a business trip and hears voices coming from the house, he is determined to trap her in a compromising situation. The result is disastrous. Running Scared is one of a series of open-ended dramas that explore relationships and moral issues.

GENRES - drama, short films

Film Info

RUNTIME - 27 minutes

YEAR - 1985

COUNTRY - Canada

LANGUAGE - English


Robert Fortier


Robert Fortier


Sam Grana


James Rae


Mitch Martin


Babs Gadbois


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