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DIRECTED BY - Robert Castillo

Robert Castillo wrote and directed this award winning documentary short, S.P.I.C.: The Storyboard of My Life. He uses his skills as a storyboard artist to narrate hilarious tales of growing up as a Special Person in Chelsea.

Director's Statement:

Drawing has been a vital part of my life since I could remember; it's something I have been doing since I could pick up a pencil. Drawing was also the tool, which helped me communicate with others when in 1977 I stepped off a plane and made America my home. I was born here in the states but was raised in the island of Santo Domingo. S.P.I.C. is a compilation of everything I have learned and always wanted to try. The idea for this movie spawned from the need to deal with issues that were floating around inside me and The Ultimate desire to Sketch. It is also a salute or Homage to the pioneers of Animation who long ago broke ground with their amazing techniques. I feel that I have picked up where J. Stuart Blackton left off. Animation was a Vaudeville act in its infancy and it showed you how skillful these artists really were. I have a deep respect for story; I think it is a lost art form. Many movies and Animations today rely on Special effects and compositing techniques. I feel that you can't go wrong with story especially if it's your own story! We all have stories to tell. In my Technique of storytelling there are different levels. The first level and most important one is the narration of the story and the sound. The second level is the Visual Level, which accompanies and supports the narration or sound. One level gives you info the other level isn't; they both work together as one. This project has been both therapeutic and Challenging, I never imagined how far it would go or how many doors it would open. The Title S.P.I.C. comes from the racist word kids called me and my family in Chelsea Mass. We never heard that word they told us it meant Special Person in Chelsea.

Film Info

RUNTIME - 27 minutes

RATING - Not Rated

YEAR - 2004

FORMAT - DVD Region All

COUNTRY - United States

LANGUAGE - English



Winner of the Student Academy Award, the Black Maria Film Festival, and the San Diego Latino Film Festival, S.P.I.C. tells five autobiographical stories from the filmmaker's life, handdrawn as storyboards as the narration unfolds.

Robert Castillo Narrator


Robert Castillo


Robert Castillo


Jason Pierce


Robert Castillo

Executive Producer

Doy Gabriel Castillo


Robert Castillo



"This is an OUTSTANDING series. With a fresh way of shooting the action, we are brought into a world of a story-board artist. Not his day to day life, but his personal history as he draws each story into story board boxes and narrates the story to progress the plot. Very compelling and uniquely extraordinary. I give you, sir, a full A+. Simply remarkable." - Popculturechaos.com

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written by chandrahooks2 on Sep 5th, 2016read all my reviews

this review is from: S.P.I.C. (ON DEMAND)

Creative, great storytelling, I wanted more... This was great. Gracias!

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