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DIGGERS, a coming-of-age film set in 1970s Long Island, New York, follows the fortunes of four working-class friends, Hunt (Paul Rudd), Jack (Ron Eldard), Cons (Josh Hamilton), and Lozo (Ken Marino). The men are the last generation of independent clam-diggers, and are slowly being pushed out by a corporation that has settled in the area. The twin threats of job loss and possible financial instability shake up the isolated world they live in, and tension starts to build for everyone. Although it's clear that they all share the burden of continuing their heritage as clam-diggers, each has their own identity: Jack is the perpetual playboy, Lozo is the family man, Cons is a free-spirit philosopher, and Hunt is a photographer. But when his father dies while on the job, Hunt is struck by the reality of his own mortality. After a few heart-to-hearts with his friends and his sister Gina (Maura Tierney), and a romantic fling with a visiting young and trendy Manhattanite, Zoey (Lauren Ambrose), Hunt becomes enlightened, and reminded that his life is his own.



GENRES - drama

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