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A Collection of 2006 Academy Award Nominated Short Films

Largely unseen by the public at Oscar-time, 2006's Academy Award-nominated short subjects are given their due in this collection of these remarkable live action and animated films. Included are the Oscar winners WEST BANK STORY, a musical comedy set among the West Bank's highly competitive falafel stands, and the animated THE DANISH POET, which follows a dispirited poet's journey to Norway to meet legendary writer Sigrid Undset. It also features the nominees BINTA AND THE GREAT IDEA, ERAMOS POCOS (ONE TOO MANY), HELMER & SON, THE SAVIOUR, LIFTED, THE LITTLE MATCHGIRL, MAESTRO, and NO TIME FOR NUTS. Rounding out this release are five bonus animated shorts, including Bill Plympton's hilarious GUIDE DOG, the story of a canine's new job aiding the blind, and its disastrous results.

GENRES - short films