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Billy The Kid

DIRECTED BY - Jennifer Venditti

15-year-old Billy is the unique subject of BILLY THE KID, an intimate verite portrait by Jennifer Venditti. Venditti stumbled upon Billy while casting Carter Smith's BUGCRUSH. Intrigued by his eccentric wisdom and intuitive, pop-infused quips, Venditti traveled to Maine to capture moments from the precocious teen's everyday life.



Film Info

RUNTIME - 90 minutes

RATING - Not Rated

YEAR - 2007

COUNTRY - United States

LANGUAGE - English



Billy the Kid will make its way into your heart when you see an unapologetic, unique, and uplifiting teenager taking on every challenge possible from bullies to talks with his mother. It is easy to embrace the filmmaker's ideas about what it means to lead a "normal" teenage life.


Chiemi Karasawa

Director of Photography

Donald Cumming


"Unlike the exaggerated characters in even the best high school movies, theres something unshakably authentic to this fifteen year-old-kid from Brunswick, Maine with a rat tail who wears trucker t-shirts with cut-off sleeves. And its not just because Billy the Kid is a work of non-fiction, but rather that director Jennifer Venditti has managed the incredible feat of both finding and conveying cinematically a character who is absolutely singular and unique, and at the same time exists as an 'everyman' who sums up our collective adolescence."    --Cullen Gallagher, Hammer To Nail

"Remarkeable ... Utterly Original!" - The Village Voice

"***** Five Stars! Magic! The film floods with a dignity that will have you both rooting for [Billy] and recognizing your own nervous first dates. Don't miss this!" - Time Out, NY



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