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Let's Get Frank

DIRECTED BY - Bart Everly

The first openly gay congressman, Barney Frank was no stranger to confessing about sex on the congressional floor, which made him a daring but ideal choice for representing Bill Clinton during the late 1990s Monica Lewinsky impeachment scandal. This documentary by Bart Everly captures the engaging Mr. Frank as he shuttles from TV appearances to hearings and back again, revealing the work-a-day side of the daily battle for legal and constitutional rights. The impeachment hearing footage is fascinating, especially in showing how the key players of the event--Maxine Waters, Dick Armey, Ken Starr and Henry Hyde--are able to maintain a sense of humor and respect for one another even as they slug it out in a battle over the very definition of democracy. In addition to this being an insightful portrait of an outspoken, controversial official, the documentary also takes a clear look at the progress of gay rights in America, and conservative fears that homosexuality undermines the institution of marriage. Through all the right-wing gay bashing, lies, and other attacks, Frank's quick wit and unflappable poise never falters, showing that Clinton definitely made the right choice in selecting his representation. Rousing, riveting, and frequently hilarious, FRANK proves an engaging guide through the labyrinth of fear-mongering and hypocrisy that is partisan politics in Washington.

GENRES - documentary, glbt

Film Info

RUNTIME - 75 minutes

RATING - Not Rated

YEAR - 2004

COUNTRY - United States

LANGUAGE - English


Bart Everly


Bart Everly


Barney Frank



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