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Only Human

DIRECTED BY - Teresa Pelegri, Dominic Harari

ONLY HUMAN (SERES QUERIDOS), the first feature film written and directed by the married team of Dominic Harari and Teresa De Pelegrí, is an outrageous slapstick comedy laced with serious political and religious overtones. Sort of like MEET THE PARENTS mixed with FIDDLER ON THE ROOF and GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER, this winner of several comedy film festival awards stars Oscar-nominated Argentine star Norma Aleandro (THE OFFICIAL HISTORY) as Gloria, the matriarch of a crazy Spanish Jewish family that includes Tania (María Botto), a single mother living at home who flaunts her sexuality and is proud of regularly sleeping with strangers; her six-year-old daughter, Paula (Alba Molinero), who goes around pretending she's pregnant; David (Fernando Ramallo), who has suddenly decided to become Orthodox and forces his beliefs on everyone else; Ernesto (Mario Martín), Gloria's missing husband; and Dudu (Max Berliner), the aged, deaf grandfather who is more than a bit daffy. Into this ragtag group comes beloved daughter Leni (Marian Aguilera), who is bringing home her new fiance, Rafi (Guillermo Toledo). Although she let everyone think he was an Israeli Jew, he is actually a proud Palestinian. Asked to defrost the soup for dinner, Rafi accidentally drops the ridiculously huge frozen container out the kitchen window, where it falls on a man's head. Wild hi-jinks ensue as Leni tries to hide what has happened, Rafi's guilt at being a murderer is tearing him inside out, David is afraid Rafi might be a terrorist, Tania convinces Leni and their mother that their father is having an affair, and Dudu dodders through it all, eventually getting his rifle. Aguilera and Toledo are a riot as the lovestruck couple, whose future is in grave doubt not only because of their differing religious and political philosophies but also because of who the frozen-soup victim might be. Harari and De Pelegrí keep things moving at a frantic, hysterical pace that never lets up.

GENRES - comedy

Film Info

RUNTIME - 86 minutes


YEAR - 2006

COUNTRY - Spain, Argentina, Portugal

LANGUAGE - Spanish

SUBTITLES - English, Spanish


Teresa Pelegri


Dominic Harari


Gerardo Herrero


Maria Botto


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