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DIRECTED BY - Mauritz Stiller

This silent masterpiece of light comedy by Swedish director Mauritz Stiller is an irreverent look at high society that is ahead of it's time. Irene, the bored wife of a distracted entomologist, pursues a womanizing aviator, but she may actually be in love with Preben, her husband's best friend. Meanwhile, her husband seems to be getting unusually close with his own niece. Stiller obviously delights in teasing his audience with each scandalous plot twist and every salacious leer, and the result is a deliciously subversive comedy that is a minor masterpiece of early Swedish cinema. The film stars some of the biggest names of the Swedish silent cinema, including Tora Teje (Karin, Daughter of Ingmar), Karin Molander (Thomas Graal's First Child) and, most notably, Lars Hanson (The Saga of Gösta Berling), who would later relocate to Hollywood and star opposite Lillian Gish in the silent classics The Scarlet Letter and The Wind.



GENRES - comedy

Film Info

RUNTIME - 106 minutes

RATING - Not Rated

YEAR - 1920

COUNTRY - Sweden

LANGUAGE - Swedish


ATTRIBUTES - Black & White


Mauritz Stiller


Lars Hanson

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