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DIRECTED BY - Amos Gitai

DEVARIM was the first film Amos Gitai made in Israel upon his return, after ten years of exile precipitated by his powerful documentary, FIELD DIARY (1983). Gitai was ready to take his filmmaking talent in a new direction. Always focused on the power of his images, he began using the talented Renato Berta as his Director of Photography, instead of the legendary Henry Alekan (WINGS OF DESIRE). He was looking for a thinner, more modernistic light, to match his chosen subject--the seemingly stunted emotional lives of three men in their thirties living in Tel Aviv. Gitai's film is based on PAST CONTINUOUS by Yaakov Shabtai, a powerful novel, drenched with ennui, that is written as a single sentence. Gitai's adaptation perfectly captures the book's flowing ramble--a kind of headlong rush into nothingness. Gitai himself stars as Goldman, a depressive middle-aged mama's boy, whose father has just died, and whose two best friends, Caesar (Assi Dayan), the restless womanizer, and Israel (Amos Schub), the noncommittal slacker, can't manage to find the cemetery to attend the funeral. Within the first few moments of the film, Gitai nails down the directionless feeling that pervades the lives of these men.



GENRES - drama

Film Info

RUNTIME - 116 minutes

RATING - Not Rated

YEAR - 1996

COUNTRY - Italy, France, Israel




Amos Gitai


Shuki Friedman


Madi Levy


Gilad Evron


Amos Gitai


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