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Farewell, Home Sweet Home

DIRECTED BY - Otar Iosseliani

French director Otar Iosseliani (MONDAY MORNING) continues his exploration of class issues through absurd situations and eccentric characters. Nicholas (Nico Tarielashvili) comes from a wealthy family, but prefers to pose as a poor man washing dishes in a restaurant. His mother is a businesswoman who is having an affair with a colleague; she takes a helicopter to the office, and usually works with a stork on her shoulder. Nicholas's father, meanwhile, is an alcoholic shut-in obsessed with toy trains. When Nicholas attempts to court a waitress from a nearby cafe, he is shunned in favor of a poor man who has nonetheless invested in an expensive motorbike and fancy clothes. The film unfolds in mostly wide shots, eschewing close-ups and editing rhythms in favor of an objective presentation, while the surreal elements and class concerns strongly evoke the films of Luis Buñuel.

GENRES - comedy, drama

Film Info

RUNTIME - 117 minutes

RATING - Not Rated

YEAR - 1999

COUNTRY - Italy, France, Switzerland




Otar Iosseliani

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