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Shot on location in director Tim Kirkman's home state of North Carolina, LOGGERHEADS is a moving, meditative exploration of love and family, told through three interconnected tales. Mark (Kip Pardue, GLAMORAMA) is a young drifter who has come to Kure Beach to help save the loggerhead turtles with which he has always been obsessed. Estranged from his adoptive parents, whose fundamentalism led them to reject him when they found out he was gay, Mark begins a healing relationship with a kind hotel manager, George (Michael Kelly). Meanwhile, Mark's adoptive mother, Elizabeth (Tess Harper), struggles with her loss, attempting to reconcile her allegiance to her minister husband (Chris Sarandon) with her persistent love for her son. The quiet rebellion that grows in her is superbly and subtly acted, as she forms an alliance with a free-spirited elderly neighbor, Ruth (Ann Pierce). Finally, Mark's real mother, Grace (Bonnie Hunt, CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN), has returned home to live with her mother (Michael Learned), still haunted by the child she was forced to give up at 17. While she struggles to find him against the wishes of the adoption agency, she navigates the old wounds that characterize her relationship with her own mother. LOGGERHEADS refreshes with its slow pacing, lack of sensationalism, and portrayal of realistic characters with very real problems. Their search for meaning and joy amidst life's mundanities is a quiet wonder, as is the beautiful location photography.

GENRES - drama

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